Mystery Shopping

mystery shopping

What is your customer’s experience of your service?

How much does your service match your customers’ expectations?

Mystery shopping surveys can tell you. They are a well-known market research tool used worldwide to measure service standards. Mystery customers observe things from the customer’s point of view and report back on their experience, based on a tightly controlled set of questions.

The performance of any brand, however popular, needs careful monitoring. By continually paying attention to the performance and achievements of your team throughout the chain of service delivery, you encourage continued loyalty from both customers and the team members themselves.

To further enhance your understanding of your customers experience we also offer video mystery shopping tailored to answer specific questions on how your teams are delivering the company’s customer service objectives.

This can be used on its own or in addition to your regular shopping programme and is particularly insightful for use in training, team meetings and conferences.

Using world reknowned software and innovative working practices enables us to offer the highest quality at the very best price.


If you’re thinking of starting mystery shopping or reviewing your current programme, contact us and give us the opportunity to show you how mystery shopping insights can power positive change in your service.

We’ve asked our clients why they work with us and two resounding reasons are:

“your ability to develop appropriate standards to meet the needs of our business”

“your ability to succinctly translate customer information into insights and to present these so well to all levels of a business”